Cloudstorks has started providing DevOps certifications and industrial training from 2021 that promises 100% Job placement support on completing the certification. This certification provides you with a deep understanding of every technology which helps you to become a DevOps Engineer.


Cloudstorks DevOps certification

This course is designed by industry experts with years of experience in building and scaling production applications to millions of users worldwide.

DevOps certification includes live virtual sessions of theory, case studies, and hands-on practice of processes which helps you to prepare for a fast-growing field and fill the gaps between software development and operations.

As a DevOps professional, you will gain hands-on experience in Managing the infrastructure, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Travis CI, Prometheus, Grafana, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), Linux and Git


Why should you enroll in DevOps?

While learning DevOps, you will learn how to use different tools and methods for faster and more practical testing, development, and app or software deployment. As a DevOps engineer, you will possess extensive knowledge of SDLC ( software development life cycle) and you will know how to judge coding, integrating, and testing. One of the major benefits of learning DevOps is that you will become more valuable to a company. In the IT market, the demand for DevOps experts is quite more. However, there are not sufficient experts who can match the requirements. That’s why there are massive opportunities for a candidate seeking DevOps jobs. DevOps offers a definite career path and steady growth.

Most Popular DevOps Roles

  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Software Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • CI/CD Engineer


The term DevOps is an abbreviated form of Development and Operations and refers to the blending of software development (Dev) practices with IT operations (Ops).

Live Classes with Mentor Support

Introduction to DevOps?

● What is Software Development?
● Software Development Life Cycle
● Traditional Model of SDLC
● Why DevOps?
● DevOps Lifecycle
● DevOps Tools

Version Control with Git?

● What is Version Control?
● Types of Version Control System
● Introduction to SVN
● Introduction to Git
● Git Lifecycle
● Common Git Commands
● Working with Branches in Git
● Merging Branches
● Resolving Merge Conflicts
● Gitlab CICD
● Git Workflow

AWS Infrastructure?

● What is cloud computing?
● Elastic Compute Cloud
● Setting up EC2 Insrance
● EBS Volumes and Snapshots
● Elastic Load Balancing
● Autoscaling
● S3
● Relational Database Management
● AWS Code Deployment Pipeline
● Cloudwatch

Containerization Using Docker?

● Introduction to Docker
● Understanding Docker Lifecycle
● Components of Docker Ecosystem
● Common Docker Operations
● Creating a DockerHub Account
● Committing changes in a Container
● Pushing a Container Image to DockerHub
● Creating Custom Docker Images using Dockerfile

Continuous Integration with Jenkins?

● Introduction to Continuous Integration
● Jenkins Architecture
● Understanding CI/CD Pipelines
● Creating an end-to-end automated CI/CD Pipeline

Introduction to Kubernetes?

● Introduction to Kubernetes
● Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes
● Kubernetes Architecture
● Deploying Kubernetes using Kubeadms
● Alternate ways of deploying Kubernetes
● YAML Files
● Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML
● Services in Kubernetes
● Ingress in Kubernetes
● Case Study – Kubernetes Architecture
● What are volumes?
● Types of volumes
● Persistent volumes
● Introduction to secrets
● Taints and tolerations
● Introduction to Federation
● Kubernetes Monitoring
● Setting up Prometheus
● Setting up Grafana

Program Eligibility

College Students & Graduates, who want to pursue their career as DevOps professionals can enroll themselves in Cloudstorks DevOps certification program. This certification will help you to get placed on a good salary package after completion.

Any technical background (knowledge of Unix, Linux commands or any coding language) will add an advantage to understanding the DevOps process effectively.

“Become a DevOps Engineer in 3 months”

Technologies covered

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps Certification Training

What is DevOps?

The term DevOps is an abbreviated form of Development and Operations and refers to the blending of software development (Dev) practices with the IT operations (Ops).

Why Cloudstorks for this DevOps training?

Cloudstorks provides hands-on courses on a wide range of topics like certification training for DevOps, docker training, GitLab training, Jenkins Training etc. This will help you to make a career in this field quickly without any hassle. Cloudstorks have the best trainers who can guide you to solve your queries and doubts.

What are the prerequisites for DevOps Training?

Yes , below are the prerequisites for DevOps.

● Knowledge of coding (beginner level in Languages like bash, shell and python)
● Knowledge of Linux and its commands.
● Understanding of Automation , Automation processes and Pipelines.
● Knowledge of different Operating Systems.
● AWS knowledge will be an added advantage.
● Analytical skills and effective communication skills.

Is it possible to get placement from this course?

Yes, it is possible to get placement from this course. This course is designed by highly experienced and industry professionals. Students will get placement assistance in their respective areas.

Is there any special type of student who should take this course?

Cloudstorks DevOps Certification Training is designed for both freshers and experienced students. It can be taken by anyone who has an interest in the field of Information Technology and development processes.

A basic understanding of coding , operating systems and their commands would be beneficial for taking up this course successfully.

What are the benefits of this training program?

You can get placed in your desired industry after successfully completing this training program.

Does DevOps Certification be hard to get?

A certification is not easy to get, but with proper guidance and continuous practice, it can be achieved easily. Cloudstorks DevOps Certification Training will help you to get certification in the first attempt.

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