DevOps Certification Training

It’s no secret that the DevOps movement is taking over the tech world. If you want to stay competitive in this field, now might be a good time to start looking into certifications and Cloudstorks has exactly what you need.

Cloudstorks DevOps Certification Training is an extensive course that will prepare you for official DevOps certification exams, as well as to start your first job in this extremely lucrative field.

The DevOps certification training will help you prepare for an active and rewarding career in the emerging software engineering discipline of DevOps.

Training covers topics that allow you to make informed decisions about the best career path for you. It also includes presentations on culture change, how to manage change within your organisation and how to identify what skills are needed by your industry/team to move forward.

This DevOps certification training is designed by industry experts with years of experience(Amazon, Google, Azure, IBM, and Oracle, etc.) in building and scaling production applications to millions of users worldwide.

The proliferation of DevOps certifications provides a strong indication that professionals are looking to make progress in their careers by obtaining official certifications such as those offered by Cloudstorks.

Start your career as a DevOps Engineer. Gain hands-on experience in Managing the infrastructure, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Travis CI, Prometheus, Grafana, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), Linux and Git


Initiative Highlights:

● Cloudstorks Certificate of Completion – The best way we can pave the way for your success.
● 50+ Hours of Self-Study Learning
● Getting hands-on work experience for your dream job is a huge endeavor
● Timely Doubt Resolution
● Best In Class Modules
● Establish Professional Credibility

DevOps training course objectives:

● To understand why DevOps is superior to other software development processes.
● Understanding of DevOps environment and commands over different DevOps tools.
● Learn about the working of the DevOps Delivery Pipeline.
● AWS Scalability and High availability in mind.

● Understanding of high availability architecture and auto-scaling and in what
conditions these strategies are superior to traditional architecture.
● Service level Agreement (SLA) of Amazon simple storage service.
● Docker Clustering with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.
● Understanding of the Kubernetes ecosystem.
● Kubernetes Architecture networking services and user tools.
● Learn about AWS cloud infrastructure code, Aws Lambda functions, triggers, and API gateway.

Prerequisites to learn DevOps Training:

● Knowledge of coding (beginner level in Languages like bash, shell and python)
● Knowledge of Linux and its commands.
● Understanding of Automation , Automation processes and Pipelines.
● Knowledge of different Operating Systems.
● AWS knowledge will be an added advantage.
● Analytical skills and effective communication skills.

DevOps Course including below modules:

● Introduction to DevOps
● Git Version Control Management
● Infrastructure Setup and Management on AWS
● Docker Containerization
● Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipeline with Jenkins
● Introduction to Elastic Kubernetes Service
● IAS with terraform
● Continuous Monitoring and Alerting
● Database Setup and Management

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Why Cloudstorks for DevOps Certification Training?

Cloudstorks offers a variety of DevOps training courses that will provide your IT team with the necessary skills to implement industry best practices used by companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.

Learners will receive practical experience through hands-on labs that allow them to develop their knowledge of full stack development for deploying applications in both Windows Azure and AWS cloud computing platforms.

Cloudstorks provides DevOps certification training to individuals, corporations, and universities. The Cloudstorks team is committed to delivering high-quality training that leads to certifications and success in DevOps.

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps Certification Training

What is DevOps?

The term DevOps is an abbreviated form of Development and Operations and refers to the blending of software development (Dev) practices with the IT operations (Ops).

Why Cloudstorks for this DevOps training?

Cloudstorks provides hands-on courses on a wide range of topics like certification training for DevOps, docker training, GitLab training, Jenkins Training etc. This will help you to make a career in this field quickly without any hassle. Cloudstorks have the best trainers who can guide you to solve your queries and doubts.

What are the prerequisites for DevOps Training?

Yes , below are the prerequisites for DevOps.

● Knowledge of coding (beginner level in Languages like bash, shell and python)
● Knowledge of Linux and its commands.
● Understanding of Automation , Automation processes and Pipelines.
● Knowledge of different Operating Systems.
● AWS knowledge will be an added advantage.
● Analytical skills and effective communication skills.

Is it possible to get placement from this course?

Yes, it is possible to get placement from this course. This course is designed by highly experienced and industry professionals. Students will get placement assistance in their respective areas.

Is there any special type of student who should take this course?

Cloudstorks DevOps Certification Training is designed for both freshers and experienced students. It can be taken by anyone who has an interest in the field of Information Technology and development processes.

A basic understanding of coding , operating systems and their commands would be beneficial for taking up this course successfully.

What are the benefits of this training program?

You can get placed in your desired industry after successfully completing this training program.

Does DevOps Certification be hard to get?

A certification is not easy to get, but with proper guidance and continuous practice, it can be achieved easily. Cloudstorks DevOps Certification Training will help you to get certification in the first attempt.

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