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Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

It is a mixed platform where a private cloud is combined with one or more public cloud services with the help of proprietary software which enables communication between each distinct service. It offers more flexible processing as it divides the workload between cloud solutions according to the client’s requirements and budget.

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Features of Hybrid Cloud

  • Cost Efficient
  • High-speed
  • Leverage Ecosystems
  • Lightweight Applications
  • Intelligent Capabilities
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    Merits/Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

    1. Reduced Cost- Cost is a key point of consideration while shifting to cloud computing for many organizations. Hybrid Cloud is the perfect and cost-effective way for those organizations that want to secure their data and also have control over it through Cloud Computing.

    2. Better Support- Desktop virtualization is a key advantage for companies with a distributed and increasingly global and remote workforce that is granted by Hybrid Cloud systems. It helps the organizations with the flexibility of support to their employees who are scattered over a vast geographical area.

    3. Innovation and Agility- The quality of responding to sudden changes in demand is a key factor for innovation and it can only happen if the process is agile. Hybrid Cloud system optimizes IT performances increasing the speed and gives an organization the edge over its competitors.

    4. Continuity of Business- It reduces potential downtime and increases business continuity. It means in times of disaster or failure, the business continues as usual with as little downtime as possible.

    5. Improved Security- It reduces the exposure of data and grants better control and improved security to the client. Organizations can select where to store their data, based on policy, compliance or security requirements.

    Hybrid Cloud Use Cases

    1. High Availability and DR- It is the most common use case. The IT team mirrors the on-premise infrastructure implementations in the Cloud. It can also be architected for high availability.

    2. Development and Testing Ground- Many organizations have several developing and test projects in hand. Dev teams need to carry out tests, development tweaks but also make sure not to give a headache to the finance team by causing hefty bills. Hybrid Cloud ensures low cost testing, making it a better choice.

    3. Migrating Workload- Those organizations who are concerned about migration issues can go for Hybrid Cloud model, even if temporarily. It is not a day task but with some time in hand, it can be done properly and securely. Organizations that have huge workloads, they need the option to roll back changes whenever needed; Hybrid Cloud lets them.

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