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DevOps as a Service

Cloudstorks provides expertise in multi-clouds to help clients across the globe in their different stages of cloud strategy consulting including monitoring, backup management, migration, 24x7x365 managed services, cost optimization, and maintenance activity.

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Cloud Management Service

Cloud Services and Consulting

CI/CD Pipeline

DevOps Automation

Cloud security

Cloud Monitoring

Containers orchestration


24x7x365 Managed Services

Infrastructure Monitoring

Application Bug reporting and Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Application uptime monitoring

Incident Handling & Resolution

Application Support


Cloud Security

DDoS Protection

Network Isolation

Application layer threat prevention

Storage level Encryption

Brute Force Protection

Different DevOps Practices That We Offer

Intelligence Driven Decision Making


With CI, the build and code testing processes are automated each time a member of the software team commits changes to the version control.


An extension of continuous integration, this facilitates automatic building, testing and preparation of code changes to be released to production.


Microservice excellence brings greater operational efficiency and agility. Microservices ensure greater flexibility and speed in software development.


With efficient, automated configuration management, critical applications are deployed faster. It ensures perfection, minimizing risk of human error.


Our DevOps as a service expertise includes

  • Automate deployment and rollback plan
  • Multi-Tier cloud architecture support
  • Centralized Log Management
  • Automate deployment and rollback plan
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines
  • Application level Monitoring
  • Server level Monitoring
  • Automation Architect
  • Performance Optimization
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Business continuity plan
  • 24/7/365 Maintenance activity
  • Automate alerting solution
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    Our Packages

    • Basic

      $20 / hour

    • The project which are not yet in production
    • Multi-Tier Setup
    • Basic Troubleshooting
    • Incident/Problem Solutions
    • Basic Level of Monitoring
    • Standard

      $30 / hour

    • For growing projects in production
    • Basic SLA +
    • On-Call Engineer
    • Application usage monthly report
    • Security level patches
    • Extended

      $40 / hour

    • For critical projects in production
    • Standard SLA +
    • Dedicated engineer
    • 24*7 Support
    • Application/Server level Monitoring
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      Question & Answer

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How DevOps can help?

      DevOps is revolutionizing the working environment. Today an ever-expanding number of associations are actualizing DevOps, filled by reports of the advantages of DevOps, which incorporate quicker an ideal opportunity to showcase, decreased costs, expanded security, and more excellent items. This empowers DevOps groups to send code, at times, multiple times all the more oftentimes, and with 50 percent fewer organization disappointments than their rivals. Thus, organizations are racing to employ DevOps engineers.

      Which are the DevOps tools used for automation?

      Automation plays an inseparable role in the DevOps from code age, Integration, delivery to continuously testing, and monitoring. Our team is well­-versed with all driving DevOps tools such as Terraform, Cloudformation, Chef, Puppet, Sentry, NewRelic, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, ELK, and so on. We ensure that the remote DevOps projects are successfully executed using these efficient tools.

      How do microservices manage orchestration?

      DevOps orchestration is the automation of many tasks or microservices that run simultaneously to minimize production problems and time to market. We take care of orchestrating deployments including options such as Kubernetes orchestrating Docker or more traditional Cloud solutions like AWS and Virtual Machines.

      How do you handle infrastructure security? and What is infrastructure security?

      To handle the infrastructure security, we host the infra under network isolation or VPC. VPC provides a logically isolated section of the cloud where we can launch the application resources in a virtual network under ipv4. This means all the communication between application and database servers are within a private network. So no one can access these resources directly from outside the network. For infrastructure security, we are using different preventative controls like Shield and CloudFront to prevent the DDOS, Network Isolation, Application layer threat prevention, Security group and ACL and Encryption and tokenization.